About the Greeting Cards

When placing an order online, you can select and send an e-card, or a PDF greeting card, just prior to checkout. A link to the PDF greeting card will be sent to you via email.

Yes. If you order by phone or complete a mail order form, we will send you a PDF greeting card via email so you can personalize and print your own greeting card. Or, provide us with the name and email address for your recipient and a brief personal message and we can send the e-card.

The e-cards and PDF cards are free with the purchase of any Gift for the Cure!

Just prior to checkout, you will be able to send an e-card, or print a greeting card from a PDF file, for every gift purchased. You can select the best option for each gift you give. If you donate multiple gifts on behalf of the same person, you can choose to send greeting cards for only one of the gifts, or to send one greeting card for each gift you have chosen in their honour.

No, whether you send a greeting card or not is completely up to you! Simply, select ‘No card is necessary’ when prompted to select the greeting card type.

At this time e-cards are sent immediately and scheduling is not an option. If you wish to send your e-card at a later date, we recommend you send the e-card to yourself and forward it to your recipient at a later date.

If you are sending an e-card, your personal message can be up to 500 characters long.

Yes. After placing the item in your cart, you will have the option to personalize your greeting card with the message of your choice in order to honour the memory of a loved one in the way you choose.

At this time, purchasing multiple products for one person and choosing the same greeting card design for each gift generates one greeting card with one personal message. You can send multiple messages by choosing a different greeting card design for each gift.

If you have just written the message, and don’t like what you have written you can navigate back to the previous page using your browsers’ “back” feature. If you want to edit a message from an earlier gift you will not be able to do so. However, you can select the “Choose another card” feature and copy and paste your message into the new card and edit the message from there. This replaces the original message.