The Hughes Hugs

Dear Friends,

As team captain of The Hughes Hugs I thank you on behalf or our team  for visiting our Run For The Cure donation page.  The Hughes Hugs will once again, participate in raising funds towards supporting those with breast cancer and those who research the cause and treatment of cancer. We have been participating in this event since 1997. We have all been somehow effected by breast cancer. In 2011, one of our team, my Mom,  Nancy Hughes, ended her long run with breast cancer. Other family and friends loved by our team have been touched by this disease. 

As we grieve lives lost, we choose to celebrate the people we miss, and the strength and courage of the people who continue to persevere. Our main fund raising event is the Party For The Cure - our annual celebration of the Spring display of renewed life and hope that we honour with the exuberent enjoyment of life.  If you can't be there in person, you are with us in spirit, and we know you are with us along this Run for the Cure. Thank you for your gift of spirit and your generous donation.




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