Team UBER Bride

Dear Family & Friends, Acquaintances & Wonderful Strangers,

Welcome to Team UBER Bride.

My name is Kethy, the leader of this lovely little pack.

“What kind of name is this?” you may have wondered out loud.
A Dear woman we love decided that she wanted to roll up to church in an UBER car on her wedding day.
Why? Because she’s hip like that (major eyeroll).
Rest assured, we unanimously said no. Her wedding shenanigans are a-plenty and we have tons of stories to share if you ask, but we’d rather not put her name out there, ya know.

“Ha ha ha! So what’s the team about?”

We’re participating in this year’s Canadian Cancer Society CIBC Run for the Cure to benefit the breast cancer cause. We’re walking or running in honour of all the incredible women in our lives, with special thoughts for our UBER Bride.

“How can I be part of this Uber Team?” (Get it? LoL)
Join us for a 5K walk/run! We could even qualify to get really cool t-shirts with “Intimate Fam Celebration” on the back!
(Another inside joke about the Bride’s wedding shenanigans)
See the Team T-shirt Minimum Requirements page:
pppsssttt... I reeeeeeaally want an IFC t-shirt, so let's do this!

Can’t physically join us for a walk/run?
Please contribute what you can to our fundraising. Every dollar makes a difference and gets us one step closer to making breast cancer beatable. Your donation will fund innovative research to help save the lives of more women, and provide support programs to those affected by this disease.

Together, we can change the future of breast cancer.
Thanks in advance for your support!


Go, Team UBER Bride!
(This is not an UBER ad. ha ha ha)

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This year's event is on Sunday, October 1, 2017.


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