Some of the team from last year
Some of the team from last year

Pebbles and her Boulder Holders

Welcome to Pebbles and Her BoulderHolders.  Last year we had so much fun and we had such a great team.  To all the returning team members you guys are the greatest!!!!  To new team members, welcome to the team and I hope you enjoy this day as much as the rest of us.   

What fun we had last year with the paintnites, the basket draws and the friendly rivalry to see who on the team would be the top fundraiser.  This year we got a headstart as we already had a basket draw and a gamenight.  What fun that was.  A couple of us are experts at Balderdash.  We also have a paintnite coming up very soon.  Again the challenge is on.  Who will be the top fundraiser this year.

I sincerely thank each and every one of you for being so supportive of me and for continuing to support me by being a part of something so dear to my heart.

Let's get out there this year and have the best walk yet.  Again we will follow this with brunch at  Buster's Bar and Grill and remember:

When you smile, the whole world smile's with you.


Live, love and laugh




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