Ruth's Runners 2017
Ruth's Runners 2017

Ruth's Runners

The Shared Services Canada vs Canada Border Services Agency competition is on!!

This will be the third year for Ruth's Runners, which is significant personally because it means I am 3 years past my battle, but mostly because we have raised a heck of a lot of money for breast cancer research!! I know I have benefited from all those who came before us and raised money to better understand and treat this all too common disease that impacts so many.

This year, my CBSA family has thrown down the challenge to my SSC family to see who can have the most participants, and raise the most money. This is going to be fun!! When you register, be sure to add a "-SSC" or "-CBSA" after your last name so we can keep track!



Challenges as follows:

Challenge 1 – Who will have the most members - CBSA vs. SSC
Challenge 2 – Who can raise the most funds - CBSA vs. SSC

Challenge 3 - Who has the best costume? (either human or canine participant) ;-)

As a side challenge, we have myself and Jennifer Misner (SSC) competing for time in the run against Sandra Kanashiro and Kirsten Parfitt (CBSA). The prize for that one is TBD, but from what I understand, full contact running is in play.  :-)

(Sheralea, I may need your coaching during the run again!!)

Some come one and come all - participate, donate, support - whatever you can do. Let's do this for Genevieve, and all of those that have come before and after. 







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This year's event is on Sunday, October 1st, 2017.



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