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Put Your Breast Foot Forward

Dear Family & Friends of Sadie!

I'm sure you are wondering why Sadie hasn't sent out the email to everyone asking for support her on her Run for the Cure Journey? Well, it just so happens that Sadie and Leena are heading to Edmonton to see Paul McCartney. If you know Sadie, then you know that she loves the Beatles and so does Leena!
This concert just happens to be on the same day as the run. Instead of Sadie having to decide which event to go to, we want to make it possible for her to partake in both adventures that mean so much to her.

So, we have decided to do our own Run For A Cure, on Thursday September 27th at 6 pm at Nicholas Sheran. Please join, "Put Your Breast Foot Forward" as we have a leisure walk around the lake, as many times as you want to show just how much we love our girl. We can even bring a stop watch for those of you who like to run for a time.
Feel free to walk, run, have the kids bring their bikes, whatever you want to get moving.

Of course, you MUST wear pink!

If you are so inclined, you can donate online like you always have and you will receive a tax receipt.

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This year's event is on Sunday, September 30th, 2018.


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